Thursday, November 8, 2012

100 Days + Half-way There

Today, November 8, 2012, marks 100 days of being on this life changing, hard as hell, "diet." 100 days of shakes, jello, soup, and drinking a lake of water every day. I finally got to chew something other than gum starting 3 weeks ago with the introduction of bars. I've watched my clothes get bigger, my body morph, and my brain continue to struggle with what I *want* versus what I *need*. Surprisingly, when I think back, this actually is not the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It's been quite a blessing; a wake-up call; a mission that I've never wanted to complete so badly.

Tuesday was the official weekly weigh in, where I dropped another 2.8 pounds. That made my grand total go to 50.6 pounds lost. HALF WAY THERE. At every 50 pound increment, the doctor's office does an updated EKG to make sure nothing funny is going on with your heart, takes pictures, and takes new measurements. I didn't write down all the measurements, but I'll ask next week. I'm pretty sure it was 3 inches of my chest (boobs have shrunk a bit, but they're still there!), 4.5" off my waist, and I know for sure the last number she said was 3 inches off my thighs. Being that most of my bulk is all in the middle, it's still taking a while for that to go away. The inches don't really seem to go with 50 pounds, but it's all in the distribution I guess.

Also, I suck at math, but 50 pounds in 100 days means I'm averaging out to losing half a pound a day. YEAH.


Trophy Wife said...

I'm amazed, this is so inspiring. I'm sure it's been incredibly hard but I'm so proud of you! Congrats and stay strong for the next 50, it'll totally be worth it!

KB said...

Good job!!! So happy for you!