Wednesday, November 21, 2012

4 months?!

It's week 16 y'all. 4 MONTHS since beginning the Goal to Lose 100 Pounds. This week, we went one night early, on Monday, for the weigh in. Normally I come home and put on a t shirt and yoga pants and whatever weighs as little as possible so I can get the most out of the scale. Monday we went straight there and I was wearing jeans, which I know were a little heavier than normal. But I didn't think it would THAT bad...I weighed in at 221.0. -.4 pounds for the week. -.4 has been my DAILY average loss.(For those doing the math, that's 53.6 pounds that I've lost. In 4 months. This makes me happy.) I sulked back to the waiting room angry. I haven't cheated, I'm drinking all my water, I'm exercising (and enjoying it!)...there was NO REASON why I shouldn't have lost more.

Then I told the doctor about this pain I've been having in my abdomen. I thought I was sore from crunches, but this pain is in a very specific spot. It's actually happened a few other times the past few months, but again, I thought it was muscular and it tended to go away. He pressed around and we talked about other symptoms and he said he was really concerned it's my gallbladder. The only real side effect or "risk" the doctor told us about when we started the plan was that we would have to take pills to prevent gallstones. I've been taking these as prescribed the whole 4 months. Well, apparently it's still possible to get them...

So I woke up yesterday morning and was still in pain and I called my primary doctor. I got in to see her, and she agreed. However, she didn't seem to think it was as urgent of a matter. I was told to take tylenol, rest, and wait for the hospital to call to schedule the ultrasound to check it out. Thanks to this being a holiday week, she said it could be next week before they call. Ugh. Here I am, feeling like I've done crunches on only the upper right side of my abs for 4 days straight, or I've had someone sticking their elbow in my gut, and I get to wait it out. It's not too terrible. I told her on a scale of 1-10, my pain is a 3.5. I just don't want to GET to a 10. If my pain does get to a 10, or I start vomiting and can't keep anything down, THEN I should go to the ER. 

It's interesting to hear about how many people have had their gallbladder taken out. I don't know what's going on with mine, or if that is even the culprit of my aches--we'll find out eventually. 

Tomorrow is a whole other beast. Thanksgiving. The Superbowl of Food. And I'm on an 800 calorie a day, liquid diet. Hubs is going to eat dinner. We are committed to losing the weight, and while eating a small Thanksgiving meal *might* impact things in the short term, it's not going to derail all the progress. Me? I still can't decide. I've got enough product to get through the day. I also am flirting with the idea of a handful of white turkey meat. What I REALLY want is the mashed potatoes. Comfort food. But only losing the .4 this week, makes me want to not risk anything for next week. Or I find out it's all water retention because I have an organ that is going rogue. Sigh. 

I think what I'll be thankful for tomorrow is that I have the time to reflect on everything that has happened the past 4 months; the past year. I'll be thinking of all my friends and family. Thinking about how we each have our own little battles, and heart aches, but that hopefully we all have some sort of happiness to be thankful for. 


paige worthy said...

Stay strong, beautiful Amy. Sorry you aren't feeling well lately — but I'm so proud of you for doing this for your health and your future <3

KB said...

Long story short, I got gallstones when I was pregnant with Claire. I was on a no fat diet and still had regular attacks throughout my pregnancy. They considered taking it out when I was 7 mos pregnant, but I was too afraid of surgery while pregnant, I declined. I ended up having it out four weeks after she was born. If it's bothering you now, it will hurt so much more after you eat, you'll start vomiting and the pain is unreal. Having gone through it, I would say not to eat. It's just not worth it. I know you want to eat a proper thanksgiving meal, I'm so sorry you can't this year, but don't hurt yourself for it :(