Saturday, May 4, 2013

Super super super super super super super super Senior

Today is my graduation day. This is outline of how it took me 12 years to get a Bachelor's degree. I'm embarrassed and proud at the same time. Mostly I'm sad Mom's not here.

  • August 2001- moved in to the dorms at KU and began college. Joined a sorority. Met amazing people. 9/11 happened and the world seemed to fall apart. Panic attacks came back. 
  • January 2002-Winter break is over and I’ve been in Aspen with the family. I’m not going back to KU. I can’t do another semester. Dad and I drive from Aspen to Lawrence to pack up my dorm and move out. We drive back to Aspen with all my crap.  I get a job Roots clothing store. I enroll in Rocky Mountain Community College and keep taking some gen ed classes like math and English.
  • May 2002- I start looking at schools in Colorado. University of Northern Colorado has a chapter of my sorority. I am in touch with the president and then I go down to visit.
  • August 2002- moved from Aspen to Greeley. Instantly happier than KU. Love my sisters and get super involved.
  • March 2003- I hate school again. One of my sorority sisters is in cosmetology school in Denver. That sounds fun. I go visit.
  • May 2003- My best friend is graduating and moving to Denver with another friend. I enroll in cosmetology school and move to Denver as well.  Living in Denver gets increasingly difficult.
  • November 2003- Graduate cosmetology school. Decide to move back to Aspen and leave Denver. Roommates and I not talking due to my wanting to leave.  I get my Colorado Esthetics license.
  • December 2003-Haven’t found an esthetics job in Aspen. Start working at Starbucks. Having an absolute blast. Start looking in to jobs on cruise ships in the spas.
  • March 2004- Mom is going in for a routine colonoscopy. She’s admitted to the hospital for an obstruction. 24 hours later, she’s in surgery having a nerf football sized tumor removed from her pelvic floor that has crushed her right kidney and has been pressing on her colon. It’s cancer.
  • April 2004- Instead of going to Seattle, WA to get cleared by the Coast Guard to work on a cruise ship, I am helping dad pack up the apartment in Aspen. Mom has decided she wants to do her treatment in Kansas. I will be going with her.
  • June 2004. 1st of the month. Mom’s 50th birthday. She starts chemo today.
  • July 2004-October 2006- 2 blurry years of working part time at 2 different salons and as a nanny for the sweetest family. taking classes again at KU, mom in and out of hospitals. Cancer has come and gone twice.
  • July 2006- I meet Josh.
  • October 2006- I MEET Josh and come to Ohio for a weekend. Friday, October 13th. October 29- Mom’s last day.
  • November 2006- Mom’s funeral on the 4th. Josh comes. Thanksgiving-Josh comes back to Kansas.
  • December 2006-Christmas with Josh’s family in Kentucky.
  • January 2007-Decision to move to Ohio.
  • February 2007-Move to Ohio. Get a job as a nanny for 2 doctors, 1 is an oncologist. I work crazy hours and love this little girl to pieces.
  • April 2008-Josh proposes.
  • April 2009- My time with the family I nanny for has come to an end.
  • May 2009- I start working at ESM.
  • September 2009- Josh and I get married in Kansas.
  • January 2010-I start at Columbus State Community College to get my AAS in Paralegal Studies.
  • January 2011-ESM job over. Start internship with Judge Hale.
  • August 2011-Graduate Columbus state.
  • September 2011-Start degree completion program with Ohio University. Start working for adoption law attorney.
  • April 2012-Start job at MDK
  • May 2013- Graduate Ohio University-BS in Criminal Justice. New position internally for 2 of the Chicago Attorneys.

A numerical breakdown:

Number of cities: 7, 2 of them twice at different times
Number of schools: 5 + 1 cosmetology school and 1 of them twice at different times
Number of apartments/dorms/houses: 9
Number of states: 3
Number of jobs: 8

So...what next? LSAT in October? Babies? Josh starting grad school?
I think I'm looking forward to reading books, keeping up with things around the house, working on crafts, and getting back on track to lose weight and get healthy until that damn stork brings me a baby. 

It wasn't traditional or conventional at all, but I finally did it. I hope you're proud mama.

I wonder how crazy the next 12 years will be...